Understanding Autism: How Stress Causes Sensory Overload

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In 1990 Autism affected one in 10,000 children.  Now in 2014 it affects one in 68 children.  This is an epidemic that is getting worse not better.

In this video Becky explains how stress causes sensory overload in children with Autism.

Becky Blake has a new understanding for why autism epidemic is happening.   Autism is a stress-related disorder.  When in the stress state sensory issues, gut issues, behavior issues, plus more appear.  There are some simple fun solutions and strategies that Becky is sharing with the world.

She’s on a mission to help people truly understand autism in order to better help create the change people are looking for.

If you have any questions for Becky Blake please email her at  If you want to learn more from Becky Blake you can go to her webpage

Becky Blake is on a mission to help millions of families better understand the children in order to best help them.

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