Stress Is the Culprit

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The missing piece of the puzzle of many neuro issues is STRESS.

Stress creates more havoc than many people realize.

I have three children all with their own unique special needs yet they all grew up in the same environment. The one common denominator was stress. Once I realized this, I learned all I could on this subject.

Take a few minutes to think about the following questions and write your answers down:

  • What is stress?

  • How do you experience it?

  • What does stress do to your brain, body and nervous system?

  • When you are in a stressed state what do you believe?

Stress is our body’s way of telling us TOO MUCH!

It is a chemical reaction to a stimulus.  Although what stresses each of us may be different we all are affected by stress in the same way. Stress creates a flight or fight  or fright mode. This is the sympathetic state.

When you experience stress, your blood flows to your arms, legs or hands. You may freeze or your heart may race. Your brain my stop acting logically, and your digestive system starts to shut down.

What has made you  go into a stressed state or has made you stressed.

Did you know that many babies are now born in a stressed state?

Children are also having digestive issues, allergies, intolerance’s more than before. This is also related to stress. Stress shuts down the digestive system. Our gut is our second brain and if your stomach isn’t working right then neither will your brain.

Write down what you learned in this short blog what you want to remember and how you can help your children.

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