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Speaking Topics:

1. Better Behavior:

Learn what may be stopping your child from reaching his/her true potential. Discover some sure-fire tips to best help your child that can be used right away!

Learn how to look at behavior differently, in order to truly understand and better work with your child.

In this talk you  will learn:

  • What to do to get your child’s attention when talking to them.
  • What you can do to create the most compelling future for your child.
  • What to look for so you can stop tantrums from happening again!

2. Five Keys to Unlock Energy, Focus And The Most Compelling Future

Learn why your energy, focus and moods are low. Leave this talk with the keys to feel more energy, get a clearer focus and know how you can get more out of life.

This talk is ideal for people who have great ideas and want to create change in the world but are stuck with barely enough energy to make it through the day.

3. Better Speech

  • Are you frustrated with your child’s speech, verbal skills and ability to get their needs met?
  • Is your child in speech therapy and the results are not happening quickly enough?
  • Do you know your child is bright, but they just can’t seem to let others know how bright they are?

Becky is able to get non-verbal children to speak in 2 days, better speech and verbal skills in 2 weeks, speaking in complete sentences and much more. She uses several different strategies that are unique to her method.

After listening to this talk you will able to use the same strategies Becky does to help improve your child’s verbal skills.

4. Better Energy

  • Do you wake up every morning feeling exhausted?
  • Is it hard to get up and start your day?
  • Do you have a hard time remembering even the simplest things?
  • Do you have fear and anxiety that is keeping you from living a full life?

Learn how in 5 easy steps, you can break through all of these issues and start leading the life you know you were meant to live!  The methods shared in this talk are neuro scientifically based so if you have a brain, a body and a nervous system, this will work for you!

5. Better Reading

  • When children learn to read, it changes their lives!
  • Better behavior, higher self-esteem, improved grades and brighter futures!

In this talk you will learn several activities that are needed in order to strengthen and integrate the eyes, brain and body.  You will also learn the 3 learning styles and how to tell which one your child uses to help your child learn easier, not harder!

6. Better Social Skills

  • Does your child play alone?
  • Is it hard for your child to make friends?
  • Do you understand the importance of friendship and connection in your child’s life?

This huge piece seemed (and still seems) to be an issue with my own children and I continue to work with them on their social skills. After listening to this talk, you will know what is causing social issues in your child and get the 5 keys to unlock the better friend in your child.

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What others are saying about Becky Blake and the Blake Method:

Our family decided to bring our 4-year old son to see Becky. He was having a lot of problems with anxiety, and becoming overwhelmed. I was having a hard time calming him down. This was making life difficult, we couldn’t attend events where there would be lots of people and loud noise. His anxiety was also staring to make preschool difficult because he would get so worked up that he could not communicate why he was upset.

Since starting the program with Becky, I am now able to calm him down and his first when he gets frustrated is not to get worked into hysterics because he is now able to let me know why he is upset. My son also seems to have more energy, and now quite the chatterbox! I am very pleased with the results from the dietary changes and the addition of supplements we have made. I notice changes in his eyes and skin. He has a “glow” about him now. One of the best things about doing this program for myself is that I now understand my son I feel I now have more answers than questions

-Lauren Jacobs

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