Make a Possibilities List!

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Every year I make a list in January. But it is a different kind of list. It’s a possibilities list. If I were to give you $1billion how would you live your life? If there were no time constraints, family issues, money constraints, the world was at your feet, what would you be doing?

The KEY to this is write it down, pen and paper, the old fashion way. It truly helps your brain work for you.

Take time RIGHT now and make a list. This list will truly change your life. I do it every January and again in June. I have my kids make a list every year, 10 possibilities for 2013.

Sit down, write down, brainstorm, do not edit just take a deep breath relax and free write. If I gave you $1billion what would you buy? What would you do? Where would you live? What would you learn? Who would you meet? Who would you help? What would you create? What would you do to make your life easier? Moe enjoyable? Where would you travel? Keep writing for 20 minutes or more. You could own many homes, buy an airplane, learn to fly, create a school in a third world country, hire a house cleaner, personal chef, learn a foreign language, This is your list, your dreams. Dream big. Go for it. See what you can think of.

Go do it now. Don’t wait. This is truly life changing.

Now, know you can have everything on this list. Your brain will help you find the resources. Post this list on your refrigerator or put it away until next year. You be amazed at how many of these things will happen.

Lets make this the best year ever.  Let me know if you need any help in any way. I am here for you.

Have fun and enjoy!

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