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January 2013 Success Story

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Working with Becky Blake has been amazing! She was a delight to have in our home noticing everything about my child’s actions, interaction and speech.

Becky explained why my son does all his repetitive activities and designed a program to help my severely autistic 4.5-year-old son. We have been implementing the program for just over two months and have seen many improvements.

  • The first is in eye contact, which after one month in drastically improved and now is at the point at being typical for his age. The intentionality and intensity of his eye contact has changed also, like he is reading my emotions not just looking at me.
  • The second improvement is flexibility. He is far more open to changes in schedule; new ideas or toys and more interested in his little sister.
  • The third improvement is speech. He is talking in more complete sentences, chatting to himself while playing, and commenting on anything not just saying things to get his needs met.
  • The fourth improvement is his bowels. We have tried every diet and supplement, but lowering his stress was essential in getting his system working, I have been able to add some foods that were previously an issue — for the first time in over a year!
  • The fifth improvement is maturity; he is interested and motivated to do things himself like getting his clothes, putting his dishes up, being a helpful hand in our family.

What I love is that he has progressed globally and it is such a joy as we interact more and more, he is really showing us his personality. Could not be more thrilled!

-Emma Hulford

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