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Getting Started Battling Autism

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When my son was first diagnosed in 1994 with Autism the statistics were one in 10,000 children.

Today those numbers are closer to one to 101 children. There has been a 600 percent increase in children experiencing sensory difficulties.  Today the statistics are staggering about one in four children today are affected with a roadblock to communicating to their full potential.

You are probably asking why is this happening?  We have so much technology today. Communication is so easy  and it’s right at our fingertips.   So why as our ability to reach out to others becomes simplified technologically; is our children’s ability to communicate getting more  complicated?

I believe our children who are dealing with Autism, SPD, ADHD and other neuro delays are dealing with stress  Additionally they are  trying to learn missing key pieces of development. I have used the skills that I teach parents that I used to help my own children.  I am happy to say my kids  are now adults and have reached their true potential.

To get started, you need to know that our children are losing because too many excuses are being made for the lack of results. If you have a  deep burning desire to help your children succeed you will. I didn’t listen to the doctors limitations on how far my children can succeed. Our children are not broken.

We have the capability to heal our children if their brains and bodies are in the right place.  

There are five keys that you need to be aware of:

  •  First realize  stress is a culprit. Stress is the main cause of Autism, SPD and ADHD as well as other nuero delays. Stress creates havoc on our children.
  • The second key is to become a behavior detective. Our brains and bodies have a way to tell us when something is not working. Learning to change the meaning of behavior will change your behavior.

  • The third key to review is to learn how to get your child’s body and brain in the right state. The scientific term for this is Neuroplasticity and it means when the body and mind are in the right state they can heal themselves.

  • You can reach the fourth key by focusing  on what you want. If you focus on what you children can’t do that is what you will get. Change your internal dialogue and your results will change.

  • The fifth and final key is to get moving because moving creates change. Your children need movement added to their day-to-day activities to optimize development.

Do not feel overwhelmed. Stick with me and we will take baby steps to help you and your children reach your goals.


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