Do you want the best for your child? Do you want your children to be their best?

Are you the type of parent willing to do whatever it takes to help your children reach their TRUE POTENTIAL?

The only way you could learn this information before was to attend Becky’s school and now you can learn this in the comfort of your own home as this 6 week online program includes handouts that will guide you through the process.

Listen to what Becky has to say about this Program:

Becky gives you the blueprint, the Owner’s Manual to your child’s future. She will to share with you everything she has learned to help you help your child have the most compelling future possible. This information works with all ages, all stages and all abilities. Your child can be newborn to teen, neuro typical or special needs, and it works!

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This information is neuro scientifically based, yet she is able to describe it in terms everyone can understand. Becky will share with you, out of the 1000’s of things she has learned, what has consistently worked with 1000’s of other families help their children. You will get the tools and strategies to help your child easily have better behavior, social skills, concentration, attention and moods.

As a parent, I wanted (and still want) the best for my children, I’ve had many hardships along the way, including becoming a single parent when my daughter was 3 and my twins were only 2. I will show you that by changing your mindset, you too can live the life of your dreams. I was and still am a Mom on a mission. And as Mom, I’ve moved mountains for my children and so can you! Once you learn all this fabulous information, in a format that is easy to understand, use and implement. You will be taught not to leave the sight of a decision without taking an action on it first. You will make changes, quickly and so will your child.

I am able to get non verbal kids to talk in as little as 2 days. I have helped them to have better behavior, potty train and even read in as little as 2 weeks, and break through social, speech and sensory barriers in as little as 3 – 6 months. I help both typical and kids with special needs show their genius, their Einstein smarts. I have figured out the secret to get the mind and body in the right state so it can heal itself. I want to teach you all of this.

I share all of this information and much, much more in this 6 week parenting program.

Instruction Manual / 6 Week Foundation Program: Guide to Better learning, behavior, moods.
Get your child to do what you want them to do when you want them to do it and so much more

Listen to this Father’s story how Becky helped his non-verbal son make great strides in her program:

I’ve spent 20 years of researching, spending $100,000+ on degrees, certificates, seminars, and reading 1000’s of books and using my photographic memory in order to help my own three children become happy, healthy, tax-paying contributors to society (and each had unique needs).

I want to share this life changing information with you. Your children can reach their true potential have the most compelling future possible. I will share with you all I know, give tons of information, tips and strategies that you will immediately be able to use with your child (children).

This 6 Week Program includes:

  • Detailed handouts to accompany each audio.
  • A free strategy call with Becky Blake.
  • Tons of information, tips and strategies that you can implement immediately to help your child have a more compelling future.

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN. I am offering you an instruction manual to creating the most compelling future for your child.

What a great life you and your child can have, will have after you go through this 6 week program.

Single Payment of $497

Listen to this Father’s story how Becky helped his non-verbal son make great strides in her program:

If you have heard me talk, you know I know my stuff and shares it all. My goal is to help 1 million families help their children this year. Here’s just a small sampling of the course outline:

Module #1:
Get Ready, Get Set, Go = Mindset

This first week is all about how you need to help yourself, how to get a positive outlook for your child in order to best start helping your child.

Module #2:
How to get your child to do what you want them to do, Six Human Needs

Learn how to motivate your child to make better choices, do what you want to be done, with little to no stress.

Module #3:
Optimize Development: What To Truly Focus on, Six Human Needs

Learn what areas of development to pay attention to in order to best help your child. You will also learn some new activities to use in order to help to start strengthening weak neuro systems. This is a very powerful week.

Module #4:
Learning and the Brain

Learn how we all learn naturally, how to figure out your child’s processing speed, learning style and how to make learning easier for everyone involved.

Module #5:
What Works from the Inside Out (My notes: Stress, behaviors, MT, sensitivities, gut issues, heal the gut, activities)

Learn more about how to help your child’s behavior from the inside out. You will also learn about some of the neuro systems, that due to stress, does not have enough energy to develop optimally, if at all. I will share with you some sure fire strategies and activities to help your child have better energy, concentration, attention, speech, social skills.

Module #6
Becky Blake’s Better Behavior Neurodevelopmental Blueprint: The Why and How to create remarkable results

There is a reason for all behavior. You will learn why your child is struggling, has issues and has to work so hard to do even the simplest things.

When your child has brain/body neuro weaknesses your child does not have the inner energy needed for optimal development. This week you will learn about the neuro-developmental blueprint in order to best help your child from the inside out.

You will learn:

  • Neuro systems that can be strengthened that will boost your child’s results from years to weeks.
  • What your child’s behavior is truly trying to tell you and how to best help.
  • Better explain your child’s strengths and weaknesses to others so that also get greater results as well.

Single Payment of $497