Certainty vs Uncertainty

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I have had the great fortune to mentor with and even meet Tony Robbins. His information helped me through many rough times by teaching me many life changing ideas.  Here is a little something from Tony I wanted to share with you.

certainty vs uncertainty

Now that we’ve explored how to create unshakable certainty through The 5 Keys to Thrive—anytime, anywhere, and from within—it’s time to delve a little deeper to understand how to fully tap into that incredible power of certainty. (And how to use uncertainty to your advantage.)

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you felt like you had total uncertainty? Like you had no idea what was going to happen and you couldn’t move forward because of it? Uncertainty creates fear, and this fear keeps you from creating the momentum you need to produce the results you desire most. Here’s the good news: There’s a way to use your body and your voice to create certainty, influence people, and bring even more abundance to your life.

Certainty versus uncertainty: In your life, which one dominates? As Tony reveals in these exclusive audios, we need both forces to lead fulfilled, passionate, successful lives.

To help you create your ultimate future, we’re sending you two of our most-valuable audios from Tony’s PowerTalk series. Discover how uncertainty can both paralyze and liberate—and how, with certainty, we can get anything we want from life:


These opportunities will wait for no one. Download these audios now and take life to a new level!

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