Creating Super Kids Better Behavior Series

I, Becky Blake, have been on a mission to help my own children reach their true potential (now in their 20’s and doing fantastic) and am now on a new mission to help families to best help their own children reach their true potential.

I get a lot of the same questions from families, educators, and professionals, so I have created this Better Behavior Series for you to start getting your questions answered right away.

The Creating Super Kids series has tons of relevant content, useful tools, and strategies that can be used right away. I give away tons of information as it is my mission to help millions of families help their children.

This can be done by looking at behavior different, learning how to recognize and relieve stress, how to plug in missing pieces of development while having fun and seeing changes within days.

It is best to get the whole series, but if you want you can just get the ones that interest you at the time. I would definitely start with Better Behavior 1 and 2.

Please enjoy and let me know what you learn, what you think, and how I can best help you help your child. Email me at and we can talk.