10 Ideas for Summertime Fun

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Summer is almost here and now comes the planning for what to do when school is done for this school year.

There are a lot of things we can do with our children. I was a very frugal mom, not by choice. With 3 children, being a single parent and having unique children, I was still able to find great fun, at low to no cost for my family.

Here are 10 low or no cost ideas to make your summer fun!

1. Check the children’s magazines in your area. They will have free or low cost programs. In Seattle we have Child’s, Parent Map, and several more. You can find plays, art activities, festivals, special events, free music in the park, the list is endless.

2. Check with you children’s hospital, special associations for camps, classes, scholarship opportunities.

3. Many churches have free and low cost weekly camps. I would volunteer, opting to be with my children and it wad always a blast.

4. Talk to other parents. Ask what their summer plans are, share resources.

5. Libraries have great summer programs.

6. Ask at your child’s school, ask their specialists, and they too have great resources.

7. Swimming is great for our kids. Find when family time is and just have fun.

8. Bowling alleys sometimes have summer specials. For 2 summers in a row my children bowled 2 games every day, all summer long, for a very low price.

9. Many children’s museums, science centers, play lands, theme parks, zoos have special summer rates, family rates, special events. I was on a budget, but could always afford a yearly pass to one of these, going several times a week.

10. One summer we went around and checked out all the parks in the city (an all summer event). We found some great hidden gems in our city. And many had lunches!

So happy hunting. Stay sane, keep active, happy and laugh a lot.

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