Becky Blake, Psychoneurology, Behavior expert, published author, international speaker, Mom of 3 young adults, has been on a mission to understand people, behavior, socialization, the brain and body, and how to create a the most compelling future, for over 40 years.  She personally has invested in and sought out, learned, and mastered 100’s of strategies.  She knows what works and continues to change peopleslives in their homes, businesses, schools, all over the world with new understandings about the brain and body.

Do You Want the Best For Your Child?

Are you frustrated with your child’s social, speech, sensory issues?

Do you wish you could get to the underlying issues and see faster results?

Your child can reach his/her True Potential, have a more compelling future, be in a better mood, living the life you knew he/she could live.

Do you want the best for your Teen?

Does your teen have perplexing behaviors and you want more then answers you want results?

Do you want to bully proof and peer proof your teen to motivate them to make healthy choices?

Do you have low energy?

Do you procrastinate, have lack of focus and follow through?

Do you suffer from anxiety and sleep issues?

Do you know you have more to give but barely have enough to get through the day?

Do you dream of a compelling future? Have great ideas?

Want to have more energy to do the things you want to be doing in life?

Ask Becky

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a Neuro-developmental Expert?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment and resulting “compelling story” that brought me to where I am today, helping people like you help your child have a more compelling future.

In 1989 I gave birth to my daughter. In 1990, I gave birth to my twin sons. When my twins were only 2 weeks old my ex-husband left. I was the type of parent that wanted my children to have the best, to be their best. I read tons of books. I went to tons of seminars. I was going to have prodigy children.

Then, in 1993, at 3 years old one of my sons was diagnosed with Static Encephalopathy, minimal brain damage, then later with Autism. I was devastated!

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Her unique approach to children with special needs can benefit everyone! Our son, Seth was evaluated by Becky at the age of 11. We were given a home program to work on with him. The program targeted his sensory behaviors and speech development. His progress was immediate and quite remarkable. Seth began asking us questions and had a new interest in all that was taking place in his life. He smiled more and engaged with members of the family. Previously we had to work hard to pull him into conversation. While working with Becky she focused on the positive and expected the best of him. He was able to rise to the occasion with her specialized input and training. Thank you Becky!

Shelly Perera. Founder & Director, Small World Montessori

After a few weeks of working with Becky, my son now uses the potty. He is using more words and his words are getting much better to understand. He is obeying simple instructions more consistently and has had a slightly better adjustment in his attitude. I saw my child’s future, before working with Becky, as homelessness, in ability to communicate and receive any help in adult years. He can now use the potty consistently, better articulation and understanding. We needed a summer program for our son, so we decided to try Becky’s. It was definitely worth it!

PARENT TESTIMONIAL (Autistic, 4 years old, speech, social, not yet potty trained)

After our son attending Becky Blake’s program he is speaking more and using the toilet more regularly. I was so afraid that he would not be in a mainstreamed kindergarten. Now that we have been working with Becky, we can ask him basic questions and receive a basic response. Once his speech improves he will make larger leaps forward. Becky’s testimonials are what made us decide on her program for our son. It’s a wonderful and valuable program. We would recommend it to anyone with a child with a developmental delay!

PARENT TESTIMONIAL (Autistic 4 year old, speech, social, behavior issues, not yet potty trained.)


April 8, 2014

Understanding Autism: How Stress Causes Sensory Overload

In 1990 Autism affected one in 10,000 children.  Now in 2014 it affects one in 68 children.  This is an epidemic that is getting worse not better. In this video Becky explains how stress causes sensory overload in children with Autism. Becky Blake has a…
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